Friday, 29 April 2011

The Rethink Rethink

I found this press release about the changes at Rethink very interesting. They have laid off a significant portion of their staff. Why? In part:

Staples said Rethink has gone through a major restructuring. “We were a traditional agency in Vancouver that dabbled in digital. Now we are a national agency with offices in Toronto and Vancouver, and we are a digital agency that does traditional, so it’s been a huge change,” said Staples.

I love this acknowledgment.

I get rather frustrated listening to all the wrong minded thinking on both sides of the Traditional vs. Digital shop discussion.

If your foundation is cracked, you can't just build on a bunch of extensions. Whether you are a pure play digital shop trying to get brand or if you are a traditional agency realizing budgets are going towards digital - there has to be something more fundamental about the shift you make than your creative brief.

This HAS to be a RETHINK of your business, your process, and your entire purpose in the market place. Anything less means status quo in a business where our ability to innovate and change is at the core of our success.

Good for Rethink for making the changes they did when they opened their Toronto office and good for Staples for not fearing the changes required to innovate not only for his clients brands but for his own business. Probably a long way to go and still we will see new Agencies spring up that take even more radical approaches, but at least it's a step in the right direction.

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