Monday, 7 July 2008

Testing Disqus Integration

Couldn't add Disqus until my rating was above 1.
Now to see if it works.....

Ok appears as if comments aren't showing up at all for new posts (no really, click on the link that says comments and watch comments magically disappear)

Have sent a note to support at Disqus. I'm sure they'll help me fix it.

Blogger. Nothing is ever simple.


Update: Apparently there is an issue with Blogger. Daniel Ha of Disqus is trying to help so we'll see. I hate having to integrate things with my blog. Every time i sit here in fear that i will accidentally destroy the whole thing. I think there is a new blog post idea in here somewhere.

Update 2: Ok, got a new template from Daniel. Let's see if this works! Fingers crossed....

Heroic efforts from Mr. Ha finally got it working. Yeah! Welcome Disqus to my blog.

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