Monday, 23 April 2007

Ubiquitous Marketing

Marketing Daily had an article this morning called Mobile The Future Of Digital Marketing.

“Mobile search is where the future is,” Verklin said, explaining that the way consumers “watch” media is changing dramatically. “Mobile devices are the new definition of watch. No one ‘owns’ mobile today. It’s the third screen. You are perfectly positioned to refocus on mobile.”

This isn't about mobile marketing. This isn't about the third screen or the fourth screen, the sixth sense or mobile vs. stationary, online vs. offline, TV on the Web or Web on your TV. It's all just digital.

The network is everywhere all the time. How we access it will be through a myriad of devices and ways that we can only conceive of now.

Thinking in terms of mobile marketing is again a passive mass media mind-set that says, we broadcast our messages to you who receive them now on your cell phone.

Versus you are the network and if you want, you self-select through any means that you deem appropriate (today being set top box, gaming box, computer, mobile device etc.) to access the content that I have provided you because you believe that there is a value exchange you are willing to tolerate.

Ubiquitous networked marketing; don’t think mobile, think digital.


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