Friday, 20 April 2007

What Me Worry?

I overhead a conversation of some people next to me at lunch (side note to everyone out there - in small cramped eateries you likely should not talk about Senior corporate executives you know by name and then proceed to describe the person as a drunkard and a crack addict in a loud voice) talking about how the major broadcasters don't seem to be even remotely concerned over broadband TV.

It reminds me of a number of years back in a strategy session for a large video store chain. We had brought up Netflicks as a potential disruptive threat and discussed the future of IP TV and what broadband could mean for their business. We encouraged them to do some visioning around "what if" scenarios and consider what their business could become to combat these threats. The reaction of many (but thankfully not all) of the clients was

"whose side are you on anyway?"

The head in the sand approach. Generally speaking, the most overused strategy that almost never works.


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