Thursday, 20 September 2007

Heard It Through The Grapevine

Thought I would start a new segment today called "Heard It Through The Grapevine". I get to hear amusing stories all the time (well, at least i find them amusing) and thought it would be fun to pass some of them along. Of course, the names have all changed and are appropriately vague to protect the innocent. ;-)

On discussing the potential of doing Web marketing with a VERY Sr. campaigner with one of the major political parties in Ontario, the Sr. Campaigner said:

(and this is a paraphrase)

"Oh I don't think the Internet is very important to us. I am more comfortable reading AM talk radio transcripts [in order to gauge public opinion], than a survey of Internet Blogs … 1 or 2 elections from now [aka 10 yrs from now], things will be different."

Gives new meaning to the term Sr. doesn't it?

(ps. to those with feed readers, the person in question sent me a more accurate quote so i updated it)


Mark said...

Why do you think I call them (us) the "fogey generation?"

They said exactly the same thing about television before Kennedy-Nixon. It's not the people who read blogs, it's the people who listen to the people who read blogs... and so on through social networks.

During the last federal election, I heard a piece about a relative large network of youngish people in one riding who paid no attention whatsoever to conventional campaign propaganda (press, flyers, TV and radio spots), and based their voting decisions ENTIRELY on consensus among their net-connected social network.

The power of blogs is not in who actually reads them. Their power is in how they initiate, propagate, and keep alive new ideas and memes.

Leigh said...


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