Monday, 24 September 2007

Mybloglog's Been Yahoothanized

*Argh* You would think after all the years, all the partnerships, all the product launches that Yahoo could get the migration thing down.

Case and point - Mybloglog. So I ended up not having my computer this weekend where I have all my auto passwords saved. I go to mybloglog to log in to check my stats (which I paid for) and what do I get? Please enter your Yahoo ID.

Well I don't have one. It doesn't really explain why i need one - it doesn't say for current mybloglog users click here. Actually it says very little. When i try to figure it out (using google's search engine of course) I find this page.

It's all upside down and backwards if you ask me. I should be able to sign in using my normal user id and THEN I should be able to create a Yahoo ID that they could then merge together. But it should be up to me which ID i use. I mean for goodness sake, I have about 1000 user names and passwords - the last thing i need is to remember one more. Blogger (aka Google) doesn’t force me to use a gmail account. Why does Yahoo?

Back home and safe with my auto saved passwords I finally get access again... at least for now. But it's just a matter of time before something happens and I'll have to decide keep mybloglog with a forced Yahoo ID or get rid of it and move on. I'm leaning towards the latter. As one person said to me not so very long ago...Mybloglog? I kinda lost interest in them as soon as they were bought by Yahoo. Hum.. I wonder why....


Howard said...

hence the stock pricecompared to it's peers. the financial market truly is the greatest handler of these punishments.

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