Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Best Purchase Of 2008 So Far: My Technology Review Subscription

I can't remember why I decided to subscribe to Technology Review the MIT published rag, but I have to say, two issues into it, I'm luving it.

Being the blog crazed feed reader that I am, I rarely get to "read" anything. I'm really more of a scanner and get a broad daily understanding of what's going on in the world.

With Technology Review however, I am enjoying the indulgence of sitting down and reading cover to cover some of the most interesting and in-depth articles (which if i get some time I might even write a shallow post or two on).

But for now i'll leave you with my favorite quote that was found in the editorial by Jason Pontin

"...Innovation seems to be more the product of culture and methodology. The culture of innovation tolerates failure and smiles upon creativity. But such a culture is not enough in itself: successful innovation also pitilessly rejects bad ideas when their promise has been exhausted and efficiently executes the development and commercialization of the best ideas."


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