Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Taking The Twitter Plunge

It was Doug that pushed me over the edge and I finally did it. It can be avoided no longer. I joined Twitter. I know I know, once I use it, I'll get it. I'll care about it. I'll love it.

Anyhew.....if anyone cares you can follow me...



Fraser said...

Welcome to the dark side.

And yes, you're one of the remaining 10. I like to read your posts on Sunday. They make me think.

Leigh said...

Fraser! You're alive! I was suppose to be in Austin last week but it got postponed otherwise would have dropped by. Maybe in NY next week...will let you know...

Fraser said...

please do!

and yes I'm alive, but only sort of. Three weeks of insanity have now come to an end. Phewf.

Douglas Walker said...

Leigh, this is my formal apology for the two likely outcomes:

1. You hate twitter and give up on it and think less of me for pushing it on you.

2. You love twitter and let it take too big a role in your life and think less of me for pushing it on you.


Oh and I have some good drugs I can introduce you to as well ;)

Leigh said...

Good drugs? I would even accept bad drugs at this point. And my new favorite saying now is

I blame Doug.

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