Thursday 4 October 2007

Protection Good....Lack Of Service Bad....

Glad to hear Ebay/Paypal are trying to do something about the myriad of Phising scams.

However, as a user, I have to say, I was pretty pissed off earlier this week when PayPal suspended my account to ensure that I was verified as a 'real' user.

Now why did this happen? Because I am an idiot. I sent a Phising scam email to PayPal to their Next thing you know I have three verification things I have to do, the last of which tells me that until i get a letter IN THE MAIL I will not be able to use my Paypal account.

The mail? What the hell is the mail?

Argh. Well anyway, once they fix this problem if they could only move on to fix the problem with their ridiculous fees. ;-)


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