Monday 26 November 2007

What Would Stacy London Have To Say? Social Marketing Fashion Do's & Don'ts

Oh dear. Here we go. As marketers jump on the latest trend bandwagons (see here and the even worse example here), they dress their clients in a myriad same yet different, bad social media marketing outfits.

I wonder what Stacy would have to say about that? Wait, I actually know what she would say:

"Stacy London, host of TLC's Fashionably Late and What Not to Wear, says women [brands]who are overly concerned with trends make the biggest fashion [marketing] faux pas. "There are three things always you should consider—your body [brand] type, your age [customer] and your [their] lifestyle. And that's how you decide what trends are going to work for you. Not every trend works for every person [brand]."

You go girl! Sock it to 'em Stacy....


Anonymous said...

Stacy London will be hosting. . .

spork* Opening Night
[Benefiting the Coalition for the Homeless]

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

at Gallerie Icosahedron
27 North Moore St., TriBeCa

Hosted by:
Stacy London
from TLC's "Fashionably Late With Stacy London" and "What Not To Wear"

** Stacy will also be at the VIP reception before the event at 7:30pm

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