Thursday, 19 July 2007

Holy Craphammer: ucaster Review

cross-posted from the official oponia blog

I was going to write a blog posting about the fact that we launched our first product the ucaster yesterday. I was going to say what it does, how it works etc. And then this morning, Sean Howard of Craphammer sent me his review (with the impressive title 'oponia just spanked my bottom'). Damn. He did such a great review that I am going to forward you all to him (besides, of course I, the ceo and co-founder thinks it's brilliant - so better to hear it from someone else).

Ok, first, my explanation of ucaster.


It’s the hyper simple way to instantly publish content
online right from your desktop. You don’t have to upload it anywhere. Just drag, drop, and you're done!

Great for sharing folders filled with files, photos, and play lists. And the best thing about it? It’s instantaneous to anyone with or without ucaster.

As for the review: here it is.

And here is his powerpoint:

One final note, in Sean's note to me he said that he thought the files were being sent to a server somewhere and was disappointed we didn't have an progress bar. Then when they appeared on his url instantly which was in the Web site of his ucaster, he thought, is this a trick? Not the first person to ask. But nope. No trick. Just a hyper simple way to instantly share.



Mark said...

Moi aussi. Congratulations!

Sean Howard said...

Love the description!!!

Leigh said...

tnx sean...

musta been inspired ;-)

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