Wednesday, 25 July 2007

The Trouble With Building Brand Experiences In A Networked World

Something I have been noodling for a while having worked on a number of large strategic projects talking about new marketing models and customer experience. So here is where I think the problem lies between 'vision' and 'execution'.

Organizations still suffer from siloitis and are built in verticals. Projects and programs are top down, and within specific departments. This happens for many reasons the least of which is how finance departments tend to delineate budgets.

The problem? Customer experiences go horizontally and across departments. All which equals and ladders up to an overall brand experience. Something a bit like this...

But things are only getting worse before they get better. Here's what is happening in the world of today - Networked customer experiences that become collective experiences and end up becoming a collective brand experience or perception. Something a bit like this...

And agencies generally deal with that one silo called Marcom in an effort to affect overall brand experience.

Things that make you go...Hum......


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