Friday, 18 January 2008

How Much Market Research Could 500 Million Dollars Buy?

Get it together people. According to an update to Mathew's blog:

"Holy crap. Numerous sources — including the Bits blog at the NYT, as well as Mashable and Business Week — are reporting that Slide [facebook widget] has raised $50-million, giving the company a valuation of $500-million."

A VC named Lee Lorenze says in the comments

"Both Slide and RockYou have over 100 million facebook installs for their apps and over 30 million unique facebook users that interact with those apps and with whom these app aggregators can communicate via Facebook's messaging system. That means that each of these companies can sample detailed user profile data from about 50% of Facebook's entire population...."

Yeah, so. I don't get it. So freakin' what? I have said so many times, that people are over valuing customer data because no one does anything really with the data they already have.... note - if it's worth 500 million dollars my question is, is that a better value than just spending that 500 million on actual market research? I could put a pretty killer research plan together with that kinda cash.


Mark said...

What's not to get? So long as an entrepreneur can convince a VC who has SEM (Someone Else's Money) that there's voodoo value in whatever it is he's touting, there's a calculable valuation.

"Value" in this business is simply another way of paying homage to P.T. Barnum.

Leigh said...

Yeah, well what do i know. I also didn't get why people who couldn't afford it were being given huge mortgages. Silly ol' me ;-)

Rocky said...
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Leigh said...
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