Sunday, 6 January 2008

8 Things Meme

Kate tagged me in an 8 things meme. So unfair because I did my original blog post with bits and pieces about myself which was pretty much the 8 thing meme. And there was the 5 thing meme. But I'll do my best.....

1. I love to play cards. I begged my older brother Jeff to let me play his weekly game of clubbish (A Jewish trump game) with his friends when he was in grade 13 and i was in grade 7. He finally let me play. I creamed them all, won 50 bucks and was never allowed to play again.

2. I almost died when I was 11 by cutting my groin near my main artery. It made a really big white hole that had blood pouring out of it. All I cared about however, was my embarrassment when I was at the hospital that I was practically naked in front of strangers!

3. I was a sugaraholic as a child. My mother frequently found tubs of chocolate icing underneath my bed. Ew....

4. I have a rescue Husky cross named Tasha. She is from a native reserve in Sandy Lake. Most amazing (and beautiful) dog ever. If anyone ever wants a rescue, let me know, I'll give you the contact name to the wonderful woman who has saved hundreds of dogs from there.

5. Roald Dahl is one of my favorite writers and I have read Charlie and The Chocolate Factory over ten times.

6. I couldn't whistle until i sorta learned in my twenties. A shame I hid during my childhood.

7. I love science fiction and always have. Dr. Who, Star Trek, Battlestar Galatica (yes old and new version), I'll even throw in Smallville for good measure.

8. I love Southern Ontario. I've been lucky to have been all over the world however, my favorite vacations are still up at the island we own between Sudbury and Timmons. Old old beaten up log cabins (that we are rebuilding), generator power, canoes, views etc. It's my idea of paradise.

Now I have to tag/aka piss off 8 other people. I hate doing this to you all. It's some weird guilt clearly.

Here i go

Jted, Fraser, Mark, Vanessa, Mark F, Jeremy, Sean, and, Oh sorry Mathew, but Mathew too.

by the way, I will never do one of these again. Well at least ones about me. :)


Kate said...

You were very brave to write on the 8 things meme. I hate these things too .. but I felt oddly obligated to do this one. But hey, now we've done our meme for 2008! No more for a whole year ;)

mathewi said...

Dammit, Leigh -- you're the second person who's tagged me on this darned thing. I guess I will have to do it now.

Leigh said...

I don't know what to say. I can only offer up to buy you lunch again to ease your burden....


jted said...

I just tacked another 3 things to the end of the 5 I did last year. I call this 'Meme Optimization'. You can read all about it at

Keith McArthur was the first to hit me with this in 2008. I can thank Vanessa for the original 5 in '07.

Can I start a new game of blog tag where you have to reveal ALL the things people don't know about you, just to get it over with all at once? ;-)

Leigh said...

Sure you can but of course, I already said I am never doing another one of these dumb ass things again.

But I am glad i did bc otherwise I never would have known the phrase

'meme optimization'

(this whole consulting thing is clearly affecting you in a very positive way jted - i can't wait for your creative uses of the word synergize)

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