Sunday, 24 February 2008

Ad Targetting & The Future Of Mybloglog

I just noticed a feature that Mybloglog has. The old, "What My Members Clicked on Other Sites Today." So couple things...Yahoo please, hire some copywriters. It sounds like something I would write if someone called me about a second before a site was to go live and they realized they forgot the title header - i know you don't write copy but pulllleeeaaaseeee...anything, just send through in email, don't worry i'll edit it i swear....

The more important point i would like to make: I get people are trying to unlock emergent value. Applause and encouragement. But don't launch something that has nothing to do with me. Apparently, the members of my community (granted the list is rather short) all care about home renovations today. Wow. Great. Glad to know.

The whole thing wreaks of trying to create an advertising platform and all i can see is the value to Yahoo. To successfully embrace the concept of emergence you have to understand that it is about VALUE EXCHANGE - it's about leveraging and encouraging a dynamic that has already been created. It isn't a top down discussion that says "dang, how can we make more money from mybloglog?."

Nice try Yahoo. But I would try again.


ian said...

Hi Leigh,

Slight correction, this feature has been part of MyBlogLog since way back. The idea is to give you an idea of what other things your community members are clicking on so you can get a sense of their other interests. It's a brute force algorithm based on the behaviors of *all* your members so it's not going to be as precise as your out-going clicks table for your blog but it's useful to glance at from time-to-time.

I'll admit that the name is a mouthful but it is descriptive. Editorial suggestions always welcome.

Ian Kennedy
Product Manager, MyBlogLog

Leigh said...

lol. before i read your comment Ian, i actually reedited the post bc i thought, i bet you i just didn't notice it but it's been there correction appreciated and fixed already!

Leigh said...

By the way Ian, did the feature actually move from where it used to hide to a more prominent place on my dashboard?

Seriously, don't remember seeing it before and now I kinda can't get away from it (it could be it was always there and it's like noticing a certain type of car once you are in the market for one - but it seems pretty prominent to be missed....)

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