Tuesday, 19 February 2008

New Product Idea: Blogger Trading Post

I recently contacted some 'blogger friends' (that means i haven't met them in person but know them intimately through comments and other virtual networks of social ability) about getting some research in the various markets where they live.

I mean after all, it's one thing for me to find research, it's another to get it filtered by people who actually live and work in the country I'm researching. Got me to thinking about the notion of blog trading. You know, a little bit of you give me some tech trends in SE Asia and, I'll send you some cultural changes about families in North America.

What do you think?

photocredit: www.nau.edu/library/speccoll/exhibits/traders/


Mark said...

Sure! And then we can build scale, and then put in a bidding system on the best information about those tech markets in Asia (or whatever), and then we can monetize the whole thing, and put in a reputation scoring system, and then get bought by eBay, because it looks so much like what they're doing already but different, with a twist, ya know? And then... and then... and... ooops... looks too much like a plan. Need to go back and read the previous post again...

Leigh said...

lol. I like it. I can see the sell already....eBay with a twist (i prefer extra olives myself but....)

Anonymous said...
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