Thursday, 14 February 2008

Your Life In Six Words Or Less

Nice simple idea.

Via Only Dead Fish Blog, Larry Smith, Editor of Smith, the US based online magazine,has set up a collaborative project which invited people to write their life story in just six words.

Some featured stories include:

this place is getting borderline crowded
- Lopaka

Married with children (and second thoughts).
- With Held

Like Charlie Brown, not as popular.
- Paul J

And here's a classic

Sold the saxophone. Got a computer.
- Ken H

I'll have to think on that one and come up with one of my own

(if i did it right now it'd be "to tired to think about it")


Sharon Magor said...

Did you know Hamingway's famous 6 word story?!

Baby shoes. For sale. Never worn.

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