Friday, 17 November 2006

Some bits and pieces

Ok, so by way of introduction, some bits and pieces about me:

1. I can't spell. I used to rationalize to myself that there was many really smart people who also can't spell. I tried to find them in Google but apparently they don't exist.

2. I bought a CD player about 2 years after everyone else I knew had one. I was hoping that digital tapes would win.

3. I write fiction. I am still in the middle of writing my first novel, ‘Lessons in Breathing Underwater’. I am on page 77.

4. I have a really smart and beautiful daughter who i'll call CeeCee for this blogs purpose" who is ten and has already finished her first novel. I am humbled.

5. I was the first employee of a company called ‘Telepersonals’ where my brother did the original computer programming. It is now called Lavalife.

6. I get really really mad about customer service issues. I have a feeling I might end up with a category called rants.

7. I like to brag about my family. Some highlights include:

- Legend has it that my cousin Victor, an aerospace engineer, apparently invented the process for turning urine into water in space

- My brother Jeffrey who lives in Phnom Pen was a Cambodian national golf champion. He was not however, allowed to regain his title the next year because they made a law that foreigners couldn’t enter. He retired as champion

- My sister Susan was on the Nation Team of Canada for Rhythmic Gymnastics (which I thought was a silly sport myself but still) and ended up on a date with a famous Prince

- My other brother David is funny in this Dave's media star moment

- My Dad’s cousin Al is married to Suzanne Somers. She has no idea who I am and never remembers me when I see her once every 20 years at a family marriage or death ceremony (she always asks if I am the sister that did gymnastics – as if that isn’t annoying – no I am the other sister)

- I was in the North York Mirror next to our illustrious mayor at the time, Mel Lastman, as part of the North York Aquatic Clubs big yearly fundraiser (green with envy aren’t ya?)

- I helped my Dad start his blog and this is me trying to find an appropriate place to link to it in my blog! (It's a blog about urinary incontinence so it's been more difficult than you can imagine!) The Bladder Control Blog

I’ll stop there. Pretty much the Mel Lastman thing is a show stopper.


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