Thursday, 23 November 2006

The Distance Between Blog "me" and Company "me"

The whole network effect thing still amazes me. It really does. I am still in the middle of reading LINKED and had a real world example of it today.

Mathew Ingram the tech writer for the Globe and Mail, read my first blog posting and ended up linking to the part about my brother Dave.

So here's where it gets interesting. I go to the Globe site and get distracted by Mathew's other posting about the whole dragons den debate . (*for the record, I think it was a draw between who was the bigger jerk/s, the Dragons, or the prof from Ryerson)

From there I linked to Austin Hills site. who Mathew mentions in the piece.

Once at Austin's site, I read his post on the Dragon's Den and then read the comments (I am a sucker for the comments) where I see a comment by a fellow named Rob Hyndman. So I link there.

Once at Rob's site I see his posting on the top 10 geek girls. I link to it.

There I read the comments again, where someone talks about a list that Tara Hunt of Citizen Agency did on Women of the Web: The Risk Takers.

Vanessa emailed me about that site the other day because apparently we had been put on that list and there is a link to our company url oponia networks.

So turns out there are 5 degrees of separation between my blog and my company website. How great is that?


Mathew said...

Isn't the Internet great? :-)

Rob said...

Actually, it is ridiculously cool.

Fraser said...

I'm surprised if it's as high as 5.

The internet is fun AND useful!

Fraser said...

I'd also like to point out that there is only one 'you'. Or at most two yous - the you you and then the digital you. Slowly (and maybe with Oponia's help) the two will increasingly become one.

Mark said...

There may be only one Leigh, but she has an increasing number of digiSelves throughout the 'net. Every post, and every link, help to create yet another one, much like Mickey Mouse in the Sorcerer's Apprentice, or so-called reality shows (at least for a while)...

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