Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Off to a Conference

I am off this morning to participate on a new media panel. My panel is called

"It's in their Hands: The Impact of Changing Consumer Trends and User Generated Media on the Communicator's Role"

(side bar note: I hate that word Consumer. I have been using the word "Prosumer" in my investor presentations but i hate that word too. The whole notion of defining people by how they contribute to our economy is strange. I just haven't come up with anything better yet)

I will probably have something to say when i come back from it, but in the mean time, enjoy Mitch Joel from Twist Images thoughts on the first day of conference which i missed.

Wish me luck....


Michael O'Connor Clarke said...

Wonderful to meet you at the conference today, Leigh, and I really enjoyed your comments during the panel discussion. Smart, interesting, and different.

Actually - the whole panel was great in that respect: it's just so refreshing to have a conference panel with some actual debate happening. Much more interesting than listening to a bunch of suits echoing and ego-buffing each other. Your panel this afternoon stood out for me, in part, because you were all perfectly willing to vocally disagree with each other - which provided much more value to the audience.

Thanks again for participating. I'm still utterly gagging to know what Oponia is going to be, but I guess I'll have to bide my time like everyone else.

Leigh Himel said...

Tx MOC and versa visa
....As for knowing what oponia is, did i mention we are fundraising? Anyone who has 10K and an interest in becoming an investor is welcome to be let in on the secret! ;-)

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