Friday, 17 November 2006

When is authentic, authentic?

We are currently doing a round of investment. We are looking primarily looking for Angel but many people have questioned my hesitation about taking VC Capital. After all, they are starting to change their previous ways, aren't the sharks they are portrayed to be, and are even starting to invest smaller amounts and taking less shares (well except in Canada where it has to be a min. 2 million dollar deal).

So being the open-minded entrepreneur that i am, i start to investigate. One company website i ventured to (aren't i punny?), was True Ventures. This is some of the copy they have on their website (look on the right hand side under “what it means to you”:

“We don’t like buzzwords. No, we really don’t. Be authentic."

"We work for you.”

Ok, sorry for being such a cynic. I mean they do have a nice picture on their homepage with the women who started meebo so that's a good sign. But the copy. They work for me? I mean, are they going to be my friends too?

What happened to being authentic? I don’t mind if they say, we want a partnership where both parties win (otherwise known in marketing land as the “win win”) but to say they work for me? Should I remind them of that when they give me my walking papers, “Hey, you can’t do that, remember you work for me!”


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