Wednesday, 29 November 2006

The Little Room In My Mind

I bought Anastasia a book called "First Words: Earliest Writing From Favorite Contemporary Authors" edited by Paul Mandelbaum who was kind enough to direct me to since I refuse to shop at Amazon.

I couldn't help but peek into the book before I wrap it and make it holiday ready. Thought I would share something fantastic from Amy Tan at the tender age of 8.

"My name is Amy Tan, 8 years old, a third grader in Matanzas School. It is a brand new school and everything is so nice and so pretty. I love school because the many things I learn seem to turn on a light in the little room in my mind. I can see a lot of things I have never seen before."

I just love the way 8 year old Amy has described it. A little room in my mind. It's kinda how I feel about writing sometimes. It's kinda how I feel like being a Mom and watching this amazing being that is my daugther grow up.

I think it doesn't matter if you are 8, 28 or 80, it is still the same thing. The amazement of discovery...something unknown and wonderfully unexpected.


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