Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Keeping Up With The Jones - Social Networking Style

Chris Kang the executive director of Schools Without Borders and I were having a discussion about his generation, the "Ys". Couple great insights came out of it for me.

Chris talked about a hyper Me2 syndrome that exists amongst his friends and said that myspaces really just was a "portal to hyper competitiveness".

Think about it. Now you are networked 24/7 with everyone you have ever met. You don't have to wait until your high school reunion to know they have just bought a house, got married on an island, got a great new job or won a million bucks.

You get to know one nano second at a time, how you rank vs. your 5000 closest friends.

Now that just takes keeping up with the Jones' to a whole new social networking level doesn’t it?


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