Thursday, 8 February 2007

New Product Idea

Electronic business cards. Now, now I know what you are thinking. We've seen those before and they are silly. But I am not talking about the mini screened put flash video on a display kinda card. It's more inspired by the post that Mark Evans had a while back on "long live the paper business card".

Ok enough confusing prelude. Here's the idea. A paper like looking business card with only one thing on it, a url, that can actually hyperlink to the web if a mouse is put on it.

Eric our hyper smart programmer looked at me quizzically when I suggested this to him. At first i think he was thinking, “you have no idea the way the Web works lady do you?” and on second hand he took a moment, sat back in his chair and said, "hum, i am sure we could figure out a way to do that with blue tooth and a button you could push that would open the Web browser to the url." That's what I like! Little problem solution....sure beats the mocking....;)


Mark said...

Spin-off of the CueCat idea, it sounds like. And, for me it hearkens back to the fad of "beaming" contact information from Palm Pilot to Palm Pilot in the late 1990s. In other words, a solution looking for a problem.

My "business card" (although I think the Japanese, Chinese and Koreans have a better nomenclature - "name card") has only my name, email address, and weblog address. That's all most people I meet need to know about me to begin with. And certainly it provides more and better information than is revealed by address and phone number. (Note the absence of "title," which I make up as the context warrants.)

Leigh said...

Name card. I like it. Beaming - I loved beaming! Well, ok I thought it was cool for about a solid week. :)

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