Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Most Clubs Are For Losers

Via WebTeacher:

Kottke had some interesting stats about the lack of gender diversity at Web conferences. The debate rages on with opinions on both sides.

Anil Dash weighed in with his posting called the boys club is for losers and noted that many of the comments on the Kottke site from the conference organizers ended up being really defensive. In response Anil said something that I think no woman would ever have the chutzpa to say:

“Guys are almost always unable to see the barriers they construct.”

I think most 'exclusive' clubs are for losers, and not just the boys clubs. The Web has always been the anti-thesis of that. Open, collaborative, diverse. It’s what I love about it. Where rules are made to be broken and where the very dna of the network is constructed to go around obstructions.

Hopefully at some point (and maybe the tides are already turning this way) the business of technology will to take some lessons from its very own network.

update: Anil wrote a second post on the subject - I think he's officially pissed (in a good way)!


Derek said...

In 1992 I was part of a university task force which said that the Internet of the time excluded women and non-whites, and that needed to change. While the Internet as a whole has improved in 15 years, software and web development still have some work to do.

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