Monday, 12 February 2007

Women In Technology

Someone once wrote to me that they thought having a woman as oponias CTO was like seeing a King Penguin in the Arctic - very rare and very cool.

So why is it that it is such a rare occurrence? Vanessa pointed me to a great article that talks about the future of women in technology.

"Girls will have to be targeted as far back as the elementary school level if information technology is to see a greater representation of women in the years to come, according to many industry leaders and experts. "They do very well in math and science for a while, and then seem to lose interest," says Sandy Carter, vice president of SOA and WebSphere strategy at IBM. To keep young girls from giving up on math and science early, women in the industry will need to go back to their schools and mentor them. Mentorship is seen more as a long-term strategy for solving the problem..."It's going to take decades, but once you have that pipeline going, things will change for the better," says Cisco's Jayshree Ullal.


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