Saturday, 6 October 2007

If It Quacks Like a Columnist Then Maybe It Is...

I really liked when Tom S. in a recent blog comment referred to Tim O'Reily as a 'host'. And it got me thinking.

Hosted Blogs: Interactive conversations where the person who blogs not only accepts and encourages comments but as well, participates in the discussion.

Columnist Blogs: Journalistic webpage that is formatted like a blog but is a broadcasted opinion.

I find that I am much more discriminating about the columnist blogs i read. If they don't accept comments, and aren't going to even read or respond to them themselves, then I feel they better be damn fine writers - having someone fact and grammar check the work (since they won't have wikinomics working in their favour) - making sure that all their references are on the up and up etc.

After all, if they write like a columnist
and quack like a columnist
then probably they’re a columnist.

And maybe they should be required to live up to the same standards as one as well...


Fraser said...

Yeeeeep. Nice thought. What gets me is when someone takes the time to write a great post, leaves comments open, but does not respond to the one or two thoughtful comments that have been left. I can't think of a decent reason not to.

Leigh said...

I just find it funny that many of the biggest most popular blog writers tend to participate while many of the B wanna be A listers either don't allow comments or never respond. Funny that?

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