Monday, 1 October 2007

Radiohead Offers Something Piracy Doesn't

As one commenter said on the blog post from Stereogum about Radioheads new album release In Rainbow

"I just shit my pants"

Radiohead, instead of whining about how no one buys their CDs waaa waaaa waaaa, MP3s are ruining their lives waaa waaaa waaaa, they actually go and create something we WANT to buy. And we are fine to pay ALOT for it. Sure there are the myriad of postings on Techmeme that are talking about how they will let their fans choose the price of the MP3s - but you have all missed the point. We are all going to pay for the £40.00 packaged version that also comes with the MP3s. Why? Because if you are a Radiohead fan, it's worth it.

As I said in a previous blog posting, stop whining and get marketing - in other words offer something that piracy doesn't.


Fraser said...

I like Radiohead. Even more now.

I don't really like NIN, but I do like what that dude does to make piracy work for him.

Leigh said...

Trent is a great songwriter though you gotta give him that. Johnny Cashs versions of HURT is a classic....

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