Monday, 29 October 2007

Social Media Divisions: Kinda Like Breathing

I think I missed (missed, dismissed, tomato, tamatoe) the launch of a new social media division over at DDB called Radar. Wow. I sure seem to repeating myself a lot lately. I get what they are TRYING to do BUT....

Isn't have a social media division just like have a division where the focus is understanding breathing? IMHO this doesn't make sense unless you are using it as a metaphor for everything. I actually made this point to Craphammer at a lovely lunch we had (that's Mr. Crap to me)..if it's all becoming digital, isn't it all going to be social?

In the words of my friend Mathew,

"To my kids, it's NOT media UNLESS it's social"

Like I said, kinda like breathing


Sean Howard said...

Hey Leigh,

Mr Crap is WAYYY behind in his RSS feeds. ;)

Thanks for the kind mention. And great post. I really liked your latest one on the online ad spending trend.

And Mr. Crap listened. We've taken our entire organization into 360 degree thinking with a focus and understanding of how digital plays and impacts...

Looking forward to another lunch so I can stay apace of change!

Leigh said...

why the real question is how to operationalize that thinking....hum....

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