Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Radiohead Isn't Having A Conversation Except Maybe, "Fuck The Man"

At least one marketing blog seems to think that Radiohead is having a "conversation" and that Radiohead are "trusting" their audience. I don't know about that. Sounds more like Thom and the boys probably laughing their heads off while they scream "fuck the man" And really who can blame them. After all, the man is a bunch of silly record executives and a guy named Steve who don't get what they do.

Here's an older interview of Thom Yorke talking about downloading from YouTube. Enjoy.


Daniel R said...

Nice one, Leigh, and I agree.

Sometime, saying "f-you" is simply that - not some "wisdom of the crowd" revolution. More like a "punk" scene than anything. Ditto for NIN's "just download our music" stance.

I'm surprised that hasnt been much of a comparison between the two.

Leigh said...

Yeah that is kinda interesting. Fraser actually made a comment on my previous Radiohead posting bringing up NIN....I think I'll poke around today and see if there is anything being said about that

(maybe the tech geeks who write blogs aren't into NIN? Poor Trent)

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