Friday, 5 October 2007

Tech Bloggers Strive To Be Mean Girls?

Recently, I have been using Techmeme more and deleting echo chamber like blogs from my feed reader.

Why? Reading my feeds takes time. And more and more I am noticing that people are simply taking headline stories and reiterating the same facts in a similar way. Mark Evans posted on this subject and I have complained about it in my long titled post A Friend Read A Blog Of A Friend And Then Wrote A Post And Linked To The Friend And Then A Friend Read That Post ...And Then I Fell Asleep.

The advantage of Techmeme IMHO is that it shows me the co relationship between postings in a way that Bloglines, which is linearly alphabetically ordered, simply can't.

But many are concerned that this is just making people echo even more (really, is that even possible?) And besides, do i care if people try to spoof Techmeme and get on some leader board which seems to be causing such a kerfuffle between so many tech bloggers?

I've said it before and I'll say it again. The tech bloggers who are all ranting at each other seem to me to want to be grade 7 girls. Being all being mean and fighting with each other spitting evilness back and forth - talking in front and behind each other's backs.

So just in case this is all really about grade 7 girl envy? Let me tell you all right now. I hated being a grade 7 girl. It sucked. Being a mean popular girl for a while sucked. Falling off the podium sucked. The psychological games and mental torture play time sucked. It all sucked. So really, don't be jealous. And maybe, also, stop being mean to each other.


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