Thursday, 8 November 2007

It's Time For A Social Network Co-Op

You know the Ad campaign:

"Why do WestJetters care so much?
Because we're also WestJet owners."

After reading this bubblegeneration post Research Note: (Facebook's) Evil is in the DNA alongside all the Google wants our data posts over the years, here is my pledge -

The first group to create a social network co-operative - where we all own the network and then share in the creation of how our data is collected, shared, and monetized - I will join. And I will ask all my friends, neighbors and country people to join.

We will own the network. And when people ask the question,

"Why do social network X owners share their data so much?

We will say:

"Because we're also social network x owners"


Nav said...

Leigh, that's brilliant. I think that the idea would probably work well for some sort of targeted network i.e. interest-based or something like that. It could be like the Mountain Equipment Co-op of social networks!

Anonymous said...


I am in the process of creating a social networking site for the glbt community and trying to think of alternatives to advertising. One idea that came to mind was creating a co-op - what you mention here. Do you know if this idea has been tried before and if so, what the result was? I tried doing a search on google, but no luck.

Leigh said...

The online market hasn't matured yet so there haven't been any examples that I can think of - you might try looking at co-op models offline and try adapting them....I think anything that looks at rev share with the actual community could become successful (google ad model)...If you do find any examples, would love for you to come back and post them....

good luck!

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