Sunday, 25 November 2007

Raising Awareness For Asian Culture (& The Lego Brand)

Found via my newest feed, Andre Brocatus (I may just like a Tumblr log afterall), The Building Asia Brick By Brick Project. From their site:

"Working together, ArtAsiaPacific and People's Architecture have invited leading Asian and Pacific architects to create original architectural models from custom kits of white LEGO ® bricks with the intent that the models should be exhibited and auctioned to raise awareness about architectural preservation in Asia."

I think it's great that Lego got on board with this as this is the type of community based generated content that really rocks. The idea didn't start with the marketing department of Lego, but rather with some creative minds who ended up not only building awareness for Asian culture (the original intent), but for the Lego brand as well.

To see more of the Lego sculptures, go here.


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