Thursday, 22 November 2007

Most Tumors Start Off As Pre-Cancerous Cells - Kinda Like Facebook's Beacon

So Mathew doesn't think Beacon is a big deal . I told him i think he is mostly wrong (actually i said totally wrong but he said that makes him right so I modified my hyperbole).

A lot of people have talked about privacy concerns and other things so i'll just go to my friend over there at Bubblegeneration who I can't seem to disagree with about almost anything these days....

"So there's this kind of massive myth floating around the mediaverse today:

"I don't mind Beacon, because it lets Facebook make a buck, and stay in business".

He goes on to say that the logic is backwards and really it shouldn't be that way at all and instead something more like this

""I don't mind Beacon, as long as it creates value for me, because it's letting Facebook make a few bucks. Otherwise, I'll defect to another network".

Facebook is making an extremely evil play. Nothing about evil in my mind can be overblown. Especially when you have so many people participating. Mathew thinks it's benign? I don't think so. Sounds much more like pre-cancerous cells waiting to turn into a tumor and spread like wild fire if you ask me.


Anonymous said...

yah this stuff is scary,

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