Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Access The Right Version Always Using ucaster

cross-posted from the offical oponia blog

So I realize that there are all sorts of things for elaborate collaboration. But I am just a gal of habit. i use Microsfot office. There. I said it.

Anyhew, my consulting business partner often wants to see where i am at in a document at any given time. I used to get a nuber of IM or email requests - can you send me the latest yada yada. That was until ucaster.

What i have started doing is working on my project folders right in a password protected fileshare folder that she has access to through a regular web browser. That way she can go the folder url whenever she wants to get my latest versions even and including up to the moment as i work on it and it auto-saves. Saves me hassle. Makes her feel more in control while i never have to worry about someone else editing or touching the actually document itself (documents that are written by five people always sound like they have been cobbled together vs. many people working together but one person writes it - just my humble opinion)

Like I said, not elaborate. Not complicated. Not full featured collaboration. Just the right tool to get the job done in the right way. Try it. You won’t believe how much easier it will make your life.

To get a download key just go here and i'll hook ya up. :)


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