Saturday, 25 August 2007

One Degree Five Questions

I didn't get a chance to blog about the 5 Questions that Kate T. asked me on One Degree.

She asked me about ucaster, our business model, the choice not to include advertising in our models (especially as I work in advertising) and our current slow to market launch plans.

Photo credit to my very professional 11 year old child and her digital camera.


Mark said...

Nice picture of you. Your approach to allowing your users to tell you what and how the service is worth is spot on - putting the relationship front and centre in relationship marketing. Too often, companies attempt to "listen to their customers" by doing a lot of market research in which the customers respond to the marketers' preconceptions, and then the company does what it planned to do in the first place. "Research" is not supposed to be a euphemism for "verification and validation."

There are few, if any, success stories of online-oriented organizations whose seminal conception became a great business without the users shaping it, molding it, directing it, and finding new and great things to do with it that create the real value.

Leigh said...

Even better than that, we are getting some people who are volunteering to do work on the product as well. The early alpha testers are really engaged. It's like they don't want us to screw it up or something. ;-)

ps. i'll tell Cee you like her photographic work. She'll be thrilled. (Let's just say I wasn't the easiest subject)

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