Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Imagining the Preamble For The Big Strategic Brainstorming For Every Media Company In America

I think it's going something like this:

"Team, this is an emergency meeting.

Our data and research group has come back and shown us the curve and basically our core audience will all be dead within 10 years. Advertisers are leaving us in droves. Our revenue is down.

Disney just bought Club Penguin...
That damn Facebook kid refuses to sell...
Murdoch got Myspace and is going to make the wall street journal online free...

We are here today to figure out our strategic next steps. Anyone got any ideas?

Yes Bob?"

"We could buy that Treehugger Site"

"Already been bought by Discovery Channel. Anyone else? Anyone? How about you Jane?"

" Um....I think we should invite that really techno kid, whatshisname, you know the summer student?"

“Great idea Jane. Ok, let’s reschedule this meeting until the kid can make it.”


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