Friday, 10 August 2007

Digital Remembrances: A Memorial To An Old Friend

For the fourth time this year, I have had the tragic news that a friend has unexpectedly died – a life cut exceptionally short.

I haven’t seen Chris in a long time. It’s funny how people come and go and yet still somehow remain as part of your present. Chris was a big part of my twenties.
He was my ex-husbands oldest and dearest friend and was the god father to my 11 year old daughter. As happens often with break-ups, one tends to lose those friendships that are more closely aligned with the other partner. And yet, Chris always sent me love and kisses as our mutual admiration was felt through the connection of CeeCee who would bring back news of his travels and many adventures.

What I didn’t know however, and was only told by my ex- the other day – is that Chris has been blogging for the past year. How strange an experience of suddenly missing someone who is now gone only a couple of days only to find them online once again.

Having not seen Christos in years, I have now spent hours with him on the Web, having experienced an almost surreal remembrance of the many amazing times we had together and discussions over the first version of his Sundial poems that he showed me now over 12 years ago now, which are completed and published online.

In his blogger profile, Chris says of himself:

“I write poetry, literary fiction, as well as on philosophy, terrorism, foreign policy, and anything else that comes into my head...”

I wish I had known he was blogging so I could have followed along and converse with him (and yes Chris, even argue with you a bit ;). But how lucky I feel that I am able to feel him just one last time through his blog, now a digital memorial to his amazing life and life’s work.

S’agrapo Christos. Gone but not forgotten. You will truly be missed.


Anonymous said...

what is his blog so we can all enjoy his writing

Leigh said...

His poetry can be found


Anonymous said...

I was really touched by your comments about friendships and the way some friends seem to remain present even though you may no longer be in touch. I feel that way about you. I still think about you around our birthdays and wonder how/where you are. I'm very glad I found your blog. Best, Sarah Matheson

Leigh said...

Sarah! How are you? Are you teaching at a university in CALF? Drop me a note at my email address if you have time would love to catch


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