Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Lessons From Club Penguin

Wonder why the kids love Club Penguin? My daughter showed me this yesterday (see pre-Disney buy email below). She's 11, totally passionate about Club Penguin and was very humbled by the fact that Club Penguin took the time to write her back. Wow. From time to time, i send companies feedback on their products and generally speaking, I never hear boo and if i do it's usually some boring automated thanks for your feedback message. Lessons from Club Penguin. I love it.

From :
Subject : Club Penguin Support RE: Ticket: [1007094-21152]

Hello CeeCee,

Thank you for the great ideas.

It would be fun if we could actually eat and drink. It would make the pizza and coffee shops even more fun.

A mall would be fun too, especially if we could shop from all different kinds of shops.

I will be happy to pass on all of your ideas and the fact that you would like to see more games and rooms. If you have specific ideas for games, please feel free to share them with us. I cannot promise that we will be able to use your ideas, but I can promise that we appreciate the inspirations.

Keep up the creativity!
Club Penguin Fan Mail

From: CeeCee

Dear Clubpenguin,
i love your site!
I think we should be able to eat food from the restaurants and drink shops, we should also be able to work take orders and serve other penguins at the restaurants. You should open up a Mall that you can buy more things from and that members and penguins that are not members can shop from. Also there should be lots more rooms and games added. I hope you listen to my ideas.


sickman123 said...

Dear Club Penguin,

I think there should be no
member ships.
Because some peoples parnets
won't let them be members,
so please please can we be
members for FREE.

I think that you guys
should open up a mall in
club penguin and make all the pins come out again.

We should be aloud to
be members for free and
buy whatever we want
and buy better houses.

Rock Hopper should come every
mounth.And the items that he
sold before is should sell again.

From Penguin:Blue Arlind

Leigh said...

Hi sickman....

I think Club Penguin would really appreciate your feedback. You might want to try two things:

1. You can email them your message using the address

Or you can go to the Club Penguin site where they have a link to "contact us" where you can make a choice as to how you want to contact them.

Good luck with it. I know Cee my daugther completely agrees with you!

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