Sunday, 10 December 2006

The 6 Stages of Grief: A Review of the Payperpost Saga

Stage #1: Denial
See comment #5 from Shan to blog posting payperpost chronicles their amorality.

"My view is still this: People need to be honest. If they are honest about their opinions, then there is no ethical problem. That responsibility falls on the blogger, not on PayPerPost. ...Besides, blogging is not some holy sacrosanct as it’s being made out to be. It’s information, it’s personal discussion, it’s ideas, and honesty is important....They’re amorality, wow, that’s a pretty big accusation."

Stage #2: Anger
Shel Isreal (referring to Ted from payperpost) says that the seemingly nicest people are the most evil

Stage #3: Bargaining
It's just business, Mark Evans weighs in. Can't we all just get along?

Stage #4: Depression
Tim Berners-Lee has an opinion too:

"what you actually see when you look at the Web is pretty much a corporate broadcast medium"

*oh ok, the quote is not about payperpost and its taken from 1996 - sue me

Stage #5: Acceptance
payperpost gets some competition that one ups them with some disclosure!

Stage #6: Disruption



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