Monday, 4 December 2006

Build A Product You Want to Use But Don't Forget...

To also create a company you would like to work for. One of the reasons I decided to go out on my own and give up the big salary and the security of a full-time job was to create a different kind of company. I call it responsible capitalism.

What are some of the characteristics of this kind of company?

1. There shouldn't be a massive gap between the least paid and highest paid in the company: Moreover, just cuz someone is the ceo doesn't mean they should get paid the most (and for now, I actually get the least)

2. Diversity should be a part of the companies DNA: that can be anything from women being in Sr. management roles (ok i think we have that one covered with Vanessa and I as co-founders), to ensuring the people within the company come from different perspectives rather than all being engineers or MBAs

3. A belief that company policies sometimes need to get broken (as any good rule) if the situation requires it: Companies are made up of individuals and should be treated as such

4. What makes 'cents' doesn't always makes 'sense': Short term financial gains can not be viewed in isolation of the bigger picture - as my bubie used to say 'sometimes you can't afford NOT to buy' (and this from a woman who once bought 4 cases of bananas just cuz they were on special)

5. Give back: This could mean something like the Imagination fund that creates standards for corporate social responsibility or it could mean creating a program to help others who might not have the same resources to help build their dream product and/or companies

And all of this can still be done while having a kick ass product and margins.


Mark said...

And building the theoretical ground for conceiving such a company happens to be the topic of my research: A Valence Theory of Organization.

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