Saturday, 16 December 2006

Solar Powered iPod Charger: Happy Holidays to Me

We have an island in-between Sudbury and Timmons with no electricity and last summer my iPod kept running out of power. Can't do the Yoga on the deck without music! And the men folk were less then impressed when I wanted to strike up the generator just to power up my iPod and boot up the Krishna Das MP3s, that no one can stand but me on a good day.

The solution? The solar powered iPod charger. Not only is it pretty, it works (or so the young lad at the Apple store told me). I couldn't resist, I got one for my daughter to go along her Video iPod, one for my nephew for his iPod and of course, one for me for the island.

This is the coolest gift ever.

I can see myself in the canoe in my minds eye.



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