Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Virtual City Rocks

I have been looking for a house in Toronto for about 6 weeks now. I could start complaining about the market and the process (what did one person say to Peter, in the Toronto market 5+1=8)but there is one thing that I have found that I love. It's a new start up company called Virtual City

So here's how I use it. I get my MLS listing and/or address from my agent, and before I decide to go see the house (time is always an issue) I go pop the address into Virtual city and voila! I get to see the street, the other houses and the view around my potential future home.

Very cool.

They don't have all areas done yet and it seems that it might be a pretty manual process of taking pictures and loading them into their system so I am not sure how quickly it can scale, but on my usefulness for buying a house meter, it rocks.

Here is an example picture below of the first house I ever owned. *sigh* I do miss that park view.....If only i could afford to buy back my own house!!!!


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