Friday, 15 December 2006

Meme Maddness

In the words of Mathew I

I hate these blog-tag things. But I don’t want to be a poor sport, so here are the “Five Things You Don’t Know About Me” (thanks a lot, Vanessa):

Ok, not including the bits and pieces about myself I already covered, 5 new things about me:

1. I went to private Jewish dayschool with Giller Prize nominee Micheal Redhill. In fact, his brother Mark was my very first crush.

2. I have been watching the Young and the Restless since I was eleven years old. Damn that Victor Newman!

3. When I was twelve, I beat out a future Canadian National Swimming Champion in the 50M butterfly and 100 IM

4. My grandfather was the Estonian National highjump champion and was suppose to go to the 1940 Olympics

5. I cried the first time I saw the Johnny Cash video for his NIN cover "Hurt"


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