Monday, 15 January 2007

Digitally Empowered Consumer: Peter's Rant

this is an oldie but a goodie from Peter:

"Digital customers are technology empowered schizophrenic kids in a self serve candy store. Customers from hell! They are discovering the euphoric experience of being able to indulge an ever increasing number of benefits enabled by digital communication technologies and they like it…… It saves them time and money, it seems smart, it enables them instant access to whatever or whoever they want, and only when they want it. Their loyalties are fickle, their expectations high, their attention is hard to get and they want everything their way. They know their information, attention and loyalty has a value and they want to know what you are prepared to do for it. Their loyalty is based on the degree to which, information, product quality, price and personal; service are designed to provide the most convenience for their needs."

- Peter Munck 1999


Mark said...

Hmmm... sounds like a description of the affluent (or perhaps the stinking rich) with respect to physical goods and services. Come to think of it, there are a lot more people around who are digitally stinking rich today. What a market opportunity!

Leigh said...

Truth is, these days almost everyone can afford anything so the profile ends up being a bit about all of us - stinking rich or not.

Fraser said...

Agreed Leigh - I bought a DVD player for $50 this weekend. And it wasn't even the cheapest. These days everyone can afford almost everything.

Incidentally, my DVD player is lacking a few features that I wish it had and was cranky that they didn't include. On the other hand, it's so straight forward and SIMPLE to use that it's hard to complain... it plays DVDs.

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