Thursday, 11 January 2007

Top 10 Reasons Why I Won't Be Getting an iPhone

1. Apple's customer service SUCKS. I bought my G4 about a month before the new version of Tiger came out. They said, fax this slip into Apple once Tiger is released and they'll send me a free copy. Ok, so i kinda forgot. Shit happens. I ended up sending in my fax a day late. Guess what? They refused to give me my free copy. I mean REFUSED! I even emailed the head of marketing of Apple Canada about it who completely ignored me

2. I already have a crackberry addiction

3. I can't see tapping 80 words per minute on the touchscreen like I can on my blackberry

4. It will only work on Rogers GSM network.
I have a Bell phone because Rogers only works well in the city and I go back and forth between Toronto and Shelburne

5. There will be no user installed applications Nuff said

6. I will drop it. My blackberry is almost invincible and I have tested that. Other than the time I actually dropped an early hand held one accidentaly in the toilet, oh and also the other time I accidentally flung it across a road smashing the screen, it has survived me. The iPhone screen definately is not going to take my beating

7. It's gonna be really really really expensive. And While Paul Kedrosky might not find it that expensive, but he flies between 3 cities and has 7 computers so his opinion doesn't count (sorry :)

8. Other people will be able to spy on me. Ok this sounds strange, but the screen is so big and so clear I could probably read your private text from across the table. In business this is bad bad bad...especially if you have some nosy woman like me in the room (and yes I will look)

9. The battery life. I can only find speculation about this, but most people are questioning the batter life of the iPhone. I talk on my phone ALOT and my blackberry can have me gabbing away for hours.

10. The final reason I am not buying the iPhone is because...well i can't. It won't be here in Canada until earliest 2008



Mike said...

Persoanally, I think Apple just signed the death warrant. Now they are playing with Motorola and Nokia - I think they have bit off way more than they can chew.

Time will tell, but I think that they are in big trouble now.

No, I don't want a iPhone and I refuse to own a iPod - I will stick with my Oakley Thump sunglasses.

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