Monday, 15 January 2007

Unfocused vs. Customer Focused: Finding the Right Balance

Fraser had a post this morning about a book he was reading on "too much choice a negative thing" in product development.

All I can say is that feature creep is a sickness that needs to be carefully controlled - the Sars of product development really.

For oponia, we find starting with what our brand stands for and using that as a filter is very helpful. We also created a philosophy around design and all agreed to use the human brain as our metaphor. We all use around 10% of our brain so we figured we would be build to the 10% that most people will use (well ok, maybe 15% but we want to be one of the smarter ones ;)

It's all about finding the right focus cuz as I commented to Fraser, you might think you're being customer focused, but instead you become unfocused very quickly.


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