Wednesday, 10 January 2007

I Am Now A Member of the Penguin Club

I knew I had seen this somewhere. Club Penguin. Ken Cooper has a posting about it on his site (he says he is down with the Penguins so it's all good). It sounds a bit like second life for kids. Anastasia and I had a deal because she was giving her email address out all over the place, which I am NOT comfortable with. So she now signs up as me, I get the email and then forward it to her.

Hey, there is a new product idea – a Identity 2.0 type product where the parents spoof their identity for their kids to use on websites so these sites never have any real kid info, but the kids can still get emails, win contests etc. (this has probably been done already but I just haven’t seen it yet)

Anyway, I hope I get to be a cute penguin and I don’t do anything I would be embarrassed about over there in the club.


Christine said...

There is a new site out there for kids who love to email and also love club penguin. has a very secure email that is just for kids. It has a parent controlled buddy list where the kids can only send and receive emails from this list. The parents can be copied on all emails and can also set up any additional filters. The site also has links to all the kid friendly sites, like club penguin and webkinz and even has age appropriate movie trailers and music. My kids love it.

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