Monday, 8 January 2007

Wikipedia's Chopping Block: Medieval or Digital Times?

I have now bumped into two blogs that have mentioned the potential demise of their existiance from Wikipedia. That must be a self-esteem kick in the ass. I mean, having to say, no please don't delete me! I am a person/business/blog of note! It would be like trying to explain to the popular kids in Jr. High why you should get invited to their parties.

I read the guidelines to what is considered notable and while I am not a lawyer, they seem pretty vague to me. I am not sure about Xplane but i think Tara Hunt should definately be allowed to stay. I mean Steve Rubel and Om Malik co-speakers at Mesh in 2007 are there why not Tara?

IS IT A CUZ SHE'S A GIRL??? (ok calm down, I am just kidding on that one...sort of...)


missroge said...

Hey Leigh,

I don't want to jump on the sexist bandwagon, but when Chris was up for deletion, he got:

"Well, he's notable because he was lead developer on a couple of higher profile apps."

1. Chris isn't a developer
2. Since when does a developer on apps make one notable?

I also did a bit poking around and it seems that women in porn films (even the obscure ones) are considered quite notable, but in technology, etc. not too many of them got to stick around, even with articles, conference speaking gigs and other 'notable' references.


Leigh said...

Curious indeed. I betya if you had been on the beautiful blogger women list you wouldn't be getting deleted. Oh, i think i just depressed myself. :-(

Anonymous said...
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