Thursday, 11 January 2007

Living in the Moment: Lessons from India

My cousin Julie has started a blog on ramblings, rants and revelations on creativity. She had a post on her site that I loved called Stressing Out. She recounts a story from our yoga instructor and friend Nitya all about living in the moment and not concerning yourself with things that "might" happen in the future.

Taking the leap to do oponia (and at this late stage I laugh sometimes, I mean, I am turning 39 in March!) has taught me some valuable lessons. Focusing in on what I have to do today and not worrying about the things that may or may not happen tomorrow is one of my daily struggles. I am getting better at though, have to say. Nitya's story will be just another back of my brain reminder to me.


Mark said...

Late stage? At 39? You're just a kid, for heaven's sake!

That's the point of living fully in the present and walking paths of opportunity: There is no such thing as "late stage."

For me, embarking on a completely new path and career at mid-life (and you're not quite there yet) has been one of the better decisions I've made during this incarnation.

Leigh said...

I hear you but it's just embarrassing when I have to email a potential investor in California when he hasn't called by 11pm and say sorry but I am going to bed now can't keep my eyes open, let's try again tomorrow. If I were 24 that SO never would have happened. ;)

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